"I did a lot of research before becoming associated with Empyre and installing one at my own home. Now what I most often hear: “I should have done this years ago!”          ~ Steve Burlingame

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Outdoor efficiency wood boiler
keeps the indoors clean

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Empyre Elite Series of Wood Heaters

Indoor wood-electric hybrid
furnace automatically refires
from standby

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Indoor heat exchanger keeps
a constant temperature
in any building

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Splitting wood?

That’s so “last century”!

Your gains: time and money

Empyre wood boilers are recognized as leaders in our industry and by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their unique clean-burning, high-efficiency gasification wood furnace technology.

Empyre Wood Furnace in Charlton Mass.Add to that:

• Quick payback — as fast as 3-4 years.
• Customer follow-up for proper use and satisfaction
— we’re here for you!
• Simple design = reliability + clean wood burn.
Get a truly warm feeling from the choice you make to heat your home, barn, workplace or accessory buildings. Reasonably priced to reward your investment, adding time and quality to your busy life.

Now supplying Pex piping, cut to length for connecting outdoor boilers.
Pick-up in Charlton, Mass.

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